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Notice of Intended Marriage



  • Download the marriage application - Notice of Intended Marriage
  • Complete this form and print it out.
  • Make a copy of each of your identification documents.*
  • Take your NOIM to an authorised witness - a Doctor, Lawyer, Justice of the Peace or Police Officer & sign it in their presence. (NOTE: A Pharmacist is NOT authorised to witness a Notice of Intended Marriage form)
  • Email signed and witnessed Notice of Intended Marriage & ID to us.  You can scan the documents or simply take a photo of them.

* There are detailed instructions on page 2 of the Notice of Intended Marriage Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

HOW SOON CAN WE GET MARRIED – Under Australian law, all couples are required to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month before their marriage.

IDENTIFICATION – A passport is the prefered method of identification for marriages is Australia. If you are able to provide an Australian or foreign passport, you will NOT require any other identification. If a passport is not available, an original Birth Certificate AND photo identification such as a current driver's licence can also be used)

WHO CAN MARRY IN AUSTRALIA – Anyone over the age of 18 can marry in Australia, irrespective of their nationality (or their partners nationality). Couples are not required to be Australian citizens or have permanent residency in order to legal marry in Australia.

WITNESSING THE NOIM – Once the form is signed by the parties to the marriage – it must then be witnessed by either a doctor, lawyer, Justice of the Peace or police officer. Please note a pharmacist is not an acceptable witness.

CAN WE GET MARRIED IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH – A couple may apply to a prescribed authority for a 'shortening of time' under very limited circumstances. The circumstances where a shortening of time might be considered are:

  1. employment-related or other travel commitments
  2. wedding or celebrations arrangements or religious considerations
  3. medical reasons
  4. legal proceedings, or
  5. an error in giving notice.

The NSW Marriage Office has no input into the granting of a 'shortening of time' but can assist you with the required documentation if you think you might meet any of the considerations above.

NSW Marriage Office

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