NSW Marriage Office

NSW Registry Weddings

If you’re after a simple, civil, legal wedding a registry ceremony

is the right option for you.

What Is A Registry Wedding?


Registry weddings in NSW are much smaller and simpler than personalized weddings.

You can marry at our office in Newcastle, in the Hunter Valley or in Tamworth. We can also come to your location, so you can choose the location of your registry wedding in the vicinity of Newcastle - your garden, a park or the beach. 

You might choose to have just your witnesses attend with you, or invite a few others with your numbers limited to 10.  There are no props or styling such as arches or aisles.

Registry weddings follow a prescribed legal script and take around 20 minutes. NSW Marriage Office ceremonies are performed during office hours, Monday to Friday.  

Who Is A Registry Wedding For?


For those wishing to marry in a hurry, with no fuss, a registry wedding is ideal.

Often registry weddings suit those getting married if they've been married before, as these ceremonies are far simpler and quicker.

If you need to marry with a visa in mind, a registry wedding can be your simple solution.

Those who are planning a non-legal wedding overseas and want to formalise their marriage in Australia have a registry wedding ceremony.  Similarly, for couples with no religious beliefs – or different religious beliefs – a registry wedding is a no-fuss and secular option.  

Small Wedding Simplicity

If you'd like a simple legal wedding or a small wedding with your closest few, we provide registry wedding ceremonies at our office in Newcastle, in the Hunter Valley and in Tamworth. And if you'd like to marry at your own Newcastle location, we can come to you.

Sign The Marriage Register

This option is the minimum requirement for couples to be legally married in Australia.


From $475 with free location at our office

You, your celebrant & two witnesses

No lead-up interviews or appointments needed

We look after all the registrations & lodgements

Celebrant included

Say the legal words

Exchange vows and rings or just say 'I do!'

Sign the marriage register


Short Marriage Ceremony

Invite some family & friends to witness your wedding


A short elopement ceremony from $575

Bring along some family & friends to witness & celebrate your marriage

Have up to 10 people attend (including you)

Exchange rings & vows if you'd like to or just say 'I do'

Celebrant is included

No prior interviews or appointments needed

We look after all the registrations & lodgements


Quicker cheaper and easier than the government registry office

Current wait times for an interview with the government registry office are 10-12 weeks, followed by the mandatory 1-month waiting period.

The NSW Marriage Office doesn’t require you to attend an interview, so you can be married as quickly as 1 month after you submit your Notice of Intended Marriage.


A current passport is the preferred form of ID. If a passport cannot be provided, an original birth certificate AND other current photo ID can be accepted (eg a driver’s licence).

If either of you has been previously married you must provide:

If your documents are not in English, a qualified interpreter must have translated them.

Notice of Intended Marriage

Download and complete the Notice of Intended Marriage.

Your wedding date must be at least one month after you lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM).

The NOIM is valid for up to 18 months. If you’re unsure of a date for your ceremony, we can assist you with this later on.

Official Marriage Certificate

On the day of your marriage you are issued with a Commonwealth Celebrant issued Marriage Certificate though you cannot use this to formally change your name or for visa applications.  If you would like an Offical Marriage Certificate we can order one on your behalf or you can apply for one yourself. 

We are authorised, qualified and experienced commonwealth marriage celebrants who offer a complete registry wedding service. For Newcastle & Hunter weddings, the closest government registry office is in Sydney, so the NSW Marriage Office provides this service in the Newcastle region. 

Everything for your marriage is included. We lodge all of your legal paperwork and perform your marriage on the day.  Later that day your documents are filed and registered with the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.